Tiva Lee Samaru, Actress/Singer/Dancer

Tiva Lee Samaru as Stacey

Tiva Lee Samaru is an Actress, Dancer, Musician, Producer and Educator. Born and raised in Trinidad & Tobago she relocated to New York in 2008 and now resides in San Francisco, California with her love Jamie and their two chameleons Gamma and Camille. Tiva is also a twin and a true Gemini.

Since her childhood years, Tiva sang in folk and classical choirs, danced, directed and produced her own dance troupes and starred in many film and theater productions. She received her formal performance art training at HB Studios in New York and also holds degrees in Management Studies. Her talent has also graced the world of beauty pageants in which she won many titles and special awards. She is a former Miss Teen Trinidad & Tobago, Miss Trinidad & Tobago and Miss Tourism Trinidad & Tobago.

Currently she is producing her full length album under the alias MunKiwi and is also hard at work on several performance based installation pieces whilst juggling her career as a performance art teacher in the Bay Area to children under the age of 5. Tiva has been featured in several film, television, theater, dance and music productions and has been frequently appraised for her DIY attitude and capabilities.

Visit her official website here: www.tivasamaru.com