Samara Lallo as Sammy McIntyre

Born Samara Maria Lallo, on July 3rd 1987. Samara decided to become an actress at the age of nine. Her first major gig came in the form of an exam with her supporting role in a well received stage play "Bitter Cassava" in 2008 where she attained her BA in Theater Arts at the University of the West Indies. Simultaneously with this she landed a supporting role in her first movie "Happy Sad" directed by Dianna Winter. The following year Samara landed more roles in edutainment films such as UNICEF/MTV's staying alive project "Tribes" directed by Ras Kassa. Always practicing her craft Miss Lallo  kept her craft up by being an actor/teacher facilitator with a local edutainment company called Arts -in-Action as well as joining acting classes with Kirk Baltz and Rafael Noble. Samara recently wrapped her latest project with long time dear friend Nick Attin, Director of "Escape from Babylon". Samara brings her immense talent and ability to every project she feels passionate about and will always go the distance to deliver the best performances imaginable.