Kerri Tucker as Dana Webber

Kerri Tucker studied acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theater, under acclaimed teacher Richard Pinter. Upon graduation she spent eight years working professionally in the creative mecca that is New York City. During that time she appeared off-Broadway in numerous productions, including MONO, Yearning For The Fourth Grade, The Red Coat, Your Best Friend, Mambo Quasimodo and more. Her TV and film credits include Guiding Light, Law and Order, The Birds and The Bees, Opposite Attraction and Steven Tanenbaum’s How To Score Your Life.  She also directed The Summer They Stopped Making ‘Ludes and is a founding member of the multimedia production company, Another Urban Riff.

When she returned to Trinidad, she continued to work on print, commercials, voice overs, TV and film. She landed the lead role in Danielle Diefenthaller’s television series The Reef. Other work includes lead roles in The Midnite Affair,  The Rise and Fall of John Tesoro, and the music video Take Me Away by Kes The Band.

She currently teaches acting in Trinidad, and continues to work on both local and international projects. She constantly furthers her education, working with renowned acting teachers Kirk Baltz and Rafael Noble, The Talent Factory and Question Mark Entertainment.

Kerri Tucker, Actress/Acting Coach