Gregory Pollonais as Hector Burke

Gregory Pollonais, Actor

Gregory Louis Pollonais MacLean was born on the 18th of June, 1976 in the city of Maracaibo Venezuela, to Trinidadian immigrants, Trevor Louis Pollonais and Jenifer Ann MacLean. His father being an oil worker, he spent his childhood years in predominantly American oilfield camps, in small oilfield towns, first in the east, and then moving to the west of the country.

From an early age, Gregory had a fascination with music, art and films, and would always say that he wanted to become an actor and filmmaker. However, due to the lack of drama schools in the small towns he and his family lived in, any dreams of acting were dismissed.

Exposed only to elementary school drama classes, which he embraced, those too would soon come to an end. At the age of 10, for financial reasons, his family were forced to remove him from the international school, and enroll him in the local Venezuelan education system, which didn't offer any sort of arts curriculum. Although this was disappointing, and difficult to adapt to a new system, culture and language, it gave Gregory the opportunity to learn to fully speak, read and write the Spanish language, which he soon embraced.

Much of his life was spent in Venezuela, except for 1990, when he and his family lived abroad in Kuwait and Australia. Soon after they would return to Venezuela where Gregory, would begin to develop is love for graphic art and music. During his senior year in high
school, he would follow in his fathers foot steps and taught himself to play the drums. Soon enough he would be involved in rock bands, covering songs from the bands that formed his musical life, like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, and others.

But he would always find comfort in films, and television shows. Immersing himself in the worlds and characters that they offered. Having long abandoned any hope of studying acting or filming, he would express himself completely in his art and music.

In 1998, he and his family migrated back to their native Trinidad. It wasn’t long before Gregory was involved in the local rock scene. He was introduce to a group of local talented musicians and was asked to join the band 3GOT, writing and recording an album of their own material. He was with them for about three years, but would remain active in music. He joined several cover bands, and is currently part of the band Stoned Alive, writing original music once again.

After many years of suppressing his passion for acting and film, it wouldn’t be until his early thirties that Gregory couldn’t hold them back, any longer. While recovering from surgery, with nothing to do but consume film after film, he made the decision that he would take a leave of absence for his job, move to LA and enroll in a 3 Month acting program and let the chips fall where they may.

While he made his plans, he decided to get involved in any acting programs that Trinidad had to offer. Through an act of fate, he befriended a complete stranger on facebook, who turned out to be one of Trinidad’s most talented actresses, Teneille Newallo. She would be
the one to introduce him to Simon Baptiste, who had begun a small acting class with coaches Kirk Baltz and Rafael Noble out of LA, through Skype sessions. Soon after Gregory attended his first local audition, where he landed the feature role of Malick, in the production of Between Friends, alongside some of his fellow students.

In 2011, he was able to make the trip LA, along with some of his class mates, where he was introduced to many people in the industry, visiting acting agencies, and schools, as well as attending workshops with his couches, and even a workshop with renowned dialect coach Joy Ellison, who would eventually go to Trinidad to offer a two day dialect class.

In 2012, the Canadian production company Hungry Eyes, held auditions for their film Home Again, filmed in Trinidad, where Gregory won the part of the RCMP Officer. All the while constantly keeping his acting skills fresh attending acting classes. Later that year, he was asked to participate in a sort scene, for the local production of Escape from Babylon, directed by Nick Attin. Soon after filming his scene, he received a call from the director asking him to play the role of villain Hector Burk. To date it has been Gregory’s most challenging role.