Filming from the trenches - Camera equipment for the true Guerilla Filmmaker plus lots more!

Hello all and welcome back. Ok let's get right into it.

One thing I want to do right from the start of this second blog is to offer my answer on another really annoying question: "Just what is the 'film look'?"

Here's MY answer in point form:

1. A good sense of design in your shot compositions (read books on Architecture and the essence of design). This also includes understanding the use of light.

2. Good camera equipment (we'll talk about this later).

3. GREAT FILM ACTORS!!!! (can't stress this one enough)

4. Twenty four (24) Frames Per Second.

5. GREAT COLOR Correcting and SOUND Design/Mix!!!

I say this question is really annoying because I've witnessed first hand how the search for this little leprechaun has hindered so many would-be filmmakers from just trying to tell a good story which is already so tough to do in the first place. 


Now onto our main topic, Camera Equipment. Well remember I like to show so here we go!

This is the camera I used to make my second feature film, Escape From Babylon - LIKE us here: Escape From Babylon. This was the best filmmaking experience I ever had primarily because of this particular brand and model of camera.

Listen to this great Director of Photography, Philip Bloom as he talks about DSLR Filmmaking. Very inspiring!

Once again you don't have money otherwise I'd already have it by now :P but is that going to stop you from answering the annoying film look question? You need to move that camera around, no doubt about it. Dolly movements are a must. Here's a tutorial on how to make a PVC DSLR Camera Slider to get those dolly shots!!! Learn to make things for yourself dammit!

Here's a great tutorial on color correcting your DSLR Footage!

Finally I leave you with these truly inspiring words by Director, Kevin Smith. People will always ask you, why are you doing this? Now I answer them with; "Because we're all going to die screaming." 

Next post we'll be talking about Acting.

Remember. NO FEAR when it comes to following your dreams!!!

Happy Filmmaking ;)

Ciao, Nick