Nick Attin - Writer/Producer/Director.

LITTLE BOY BLUE and Escape From Babylon are two feature films made in just a little over two years by Trinidad born Director Nick Attin who has been involved in filmmaking for the past eight years. It was only just a few short years prior to founding A Runaway Colony when he was on a different pathway studying to become an Architect.

It was either chance or destiny when he was invited to visit a local film set in Trinidad that made him change his career path completely. It’s true what they say about the magical power of movies. I quickly realized why stop at just designing buildings when I could create whole worlds from my imagination!!!”

In 2011 just a few months after making his directorial debut, Little Boy Blue, he was invited to attend the Caribbean Tales Toronto Film Market Program headed by Caribbean Tales Worldwide Distribution CEO Frances-Anne Solomon. It was here that he was given the tremendous opportunity to learn more about film marketing and distribution as well as attend the Toronto International Film Festival where he also established contacts with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Little Boy Blue which tells the story of Bill, a troubled art teacher who becomes the victim of paranormal disturbances after confiscating a strange pendant from an orphaned student, has been well received by audiences in Toronto, Argentina, Barbados, Belize and Trinidad. In 2012 Nick signed a deal with Caribbean Tales to distribute the film to greater audiences worldwide.

Copies of Little Boy Blue DVDs haven’t even cooled properly from the burner when he decided to shift his creative energies into overdrive with the making of his second feature film, Escape From Babylon. This action packed thriller was shot over a three month period from July - September, 2012 and features a cast of the best young actors and actresses from Trinidad and Tobago. Currently in post-production Escape From Babylon aims to bring excitement to a wider audience as it tells the story of Randolph Briggs, an ex-cop turned taxi driver who continues to protect the innocent from criminals running rampant in his home-city of Port of Spain, Trinidad.

Nick Attin - Writer, Producer, Director

An extremely talented, hard working and tenacious person, Nick Attin will not let any challenge stand in his way of becoming one of the most successful Filmmakers in the world.

“Creating is my life, the creation is my love and people who I encounter with the same passions are all my kin... See you at the movies!!!”

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